Robert’s Rule of Order-10th Edition

The Order of Business


The “order of business” is the established sequence in which business is taken up during a meeting.

It is a blueprint for meetings and provides a systematic plan for the orderly conducted meeting.


Opening the meeting

            Forth coming meeting agenda will be posted on the ENCSC website


Recognizing Members

            Establishing the Quorum 10% for items on agenda, 33% for non-agenda items


Reading and Approval of Minutes

            Following corrections and additions, the minutes should be approved by unanimous consent


Reading and Approval of the Treasurer’s Report

            Following corrections and additions, the report should be approved by unanimous consent


Reports of Committees according to Bylaws

            Telephone and E-mail




            Ways and Means



Reports of Special Committees

            Special committees do not have continued existence.

            They exist solely for the purposes of a special project.





Unfinished Business

            Business which is carried over or tabled from a previous meeting


New Business

            Items placed on the meeting agenda by the Chair (Officers of the club).  

            Members are encouraged to introduce items of new business.