Parliamentary Motion’s Guide- 10th edition


The motions below are listed in order of precedence. Any motion can be introduced if it is lower on the chart than the preceding motion.

Bring business before the members “I move that…”


Kill a motion “I move that the motion be postponed indefinitely” *


Modify wording of motion “I move to amend the motion” *


Refer a motion to committee” I move to refer the motion to…” *


Postpone a motion “I move to postpone the motion to…” *


Close debate “I move to close debate on…”  2/3rd vote


Limit or extend debate “I move that debate be limited/extended to…”  2/3rd vote


Lay aside temporally “I move to lay the question on the table” *


Register a complaint “I rise to a question of privilege…”  none


Take a break “I move to recess for….” *


Close the meeting “I move to adjourn” (believe it not…with a second…a majority vote…it is over…without even addressing the original motion!) *



Taking a Vote after discussion or a vote has been ordered


Voice Vote:  “Those in favor of…say aye. Those opposed say no.”


Rising Vote:  “Those in favor of…will rise. Be seated.  Those opposed will rise.  Be seated.”


Counted Rising Vote:  “Those in favor of …will rise and remain standing until counted. Be seated.         Those opposed will rise and remain standing until counted.  Be seated.”


Vote by Show of Hands:  “Those in favor of…will raise the right hand. Lower hands. Those          opposed will raise the right hand. Lower hands.”


Jim Slaughter

Certified Professional Parliamentarian-Teacher